Ramadan the most blessed month of all brings numerous blessings, such as performing Umrah in Ramadan rewarded equal to Hajj. Muslims living in Manchester can avail Cheap Umrah packages Manchester. In Islam, the Holy month of Ramadan has been given upon Muslims for many motives, all of which are of advantage for us and us alone. Here are some of the core spiritual benefits of fasting in Islam which reconstruct the true purpose of our creation.

An Obligation:

The first cause that comes to mind, fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam; hence it is an important obligation and commitment upon all Muslims do fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan. Where fasting provides other benefits there we perform an important obligation.

Develop Though To Help Others:

One of the key features of this month is the giving of Ramadan charity. It is extensively known that giving to those in need during this promising month brings countless recompense and blessings. In these days and ages, it is so easy to forget that Allah SWT could have blessed every living soul with riches and wealth, but there is a reason behind, not doing so.

Ramadan serves to recap us of the hunger and thirst that some people have no option but to face every single day, deficiency of even the most necessities whilst we tend to ignore even the simplest of freedoms we have, such as clean water for bathing.

To purify ourselves:

The features adopted during the time of fasting are the potentials we should be depicting as Muslims in the first place. The month is a rare reminder as to how we are intended to be anyway, not for how we should be only during this month. The month prompts us of the purity we should be achieving and disciplining ourselves to work out these acts to secure them for our day-to-day lives, familiarizing ourselves to purifying our beliefs along with our bodies, minds, and souls.

Getting Taqwa:

Gaining intimacy to Allah SWT and filling with fear of our Lord – it is extremely important to remember who our Creator is, why we were put in this world and what our goals are in this material world; to recall that the world is merely just a stop in our journey to the hereafter the final destination. We should seek to gain taqwa and be as close to our Allah SWT as possible. Connecting to our creator is important to remember our true purpose here in the first place, else we will find ourselves lost in this monarchy, which is a purpose that we are here to avoid.

Whatever good deeds you choose to take in this Ramadan, be it offering your time to help those in need, donating Ramadan charity, or practicing your religion as fasting in Ramadan. Tries to get close with Allah and get what maximum you can get through this blessed month. Even one can perform Umrah to get more rewards in this blessed month by availing of Cheap Umrah Deal from Hajj umrah travel agents uk.