Surah kafirun: Every surah has a story behind its arrival, whenever the holy prophet ﷺ went through challenging circumstances ALLAH (Glorious and Exalted) sent Hazrat Jibrael AS with Revelation according to the situation to console His Beloved Muhammad ﷺ. The reason for Revelation is called “Shaan E Nazool”. Shan e Nazool is an elaboration which tells us the details in which circumstances the particular verses were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.Revelation is a statement of information to a fellow by His Creator “the ultimate superpower Allah Almighty. Surah Al Kafirun is all about the disbelievers. According to the one saying of holy prophet PBUH, a person who can afford Hajj and he does not performs Hajj, no matters he dies as a Jew or Nasrani. So, we have to perform Hajj or Umrah. Hajj can be performed after booking the Hajj Packages and Umrah can be done after booking the Umrah Packages.

The origin of surah kafirun:

The origin of surah kafirun is “Makki”. Muslims were oppressed by the polytheists of Mecca, surah Kafiron was revealed in the Meccan period. Surah kafirun is also called ‘Surah of disbelievers’’. kafiroon literal means ‘’the unbelievers”. It has 6 verses and we see a repetition of verse Number 3 again at number 5. If ALLAH repeats any command it shows that a particular conception is holding an indispensable place. Repetition means Allah emphasizes the mentioned fact. The cause why surah kafirun was revealed is that ALLAH asked His prophet Muhammad PBUH to stand firmly with his stance.

The prophet was offered an attractive deal to stop preaching the message of ALLAH.

Quraysh saw Prophet ﷺ emerging as a strong entity & not stopping his teachings. They bribed the Holy prophet ﷺ with an alluring deal. Quraysh offered Muhammad PBUH, wealth that would be enough to make him the richest man of Makah, high status, kingship and beautiful women to marry. They tried their best to persuade Muhammad ﷺ to put an end to his prophecy.

Why was surah kafirun revealed?

To know the background of why was surah kafirun revealed Muslims should acquire the right knowledge. The Quraysh leaders did not give up, they kept on trying to gain the support of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Allah Almighty revealed surah Kafiron. This chapter warns the disbelievers.

Once a group of the nobles, among the Qurayshi idolaters suggested the Holy Prophet ﷺ stop preaching. All they wanted was for the Holy prophet PBUH to stop analyzing their gods and don’t call them false. Also, the Holy prophet ﷺ was suggested to worship their gods for a year, and in return, they will worship His GOD. In addition, they will let the Holy Prophet ﷺenjoy all the privileges. They claimed if we find your beliefs better we will join you. If you find our beliefs realistic you will join us. The beloved Muhammad PBUH seek refugee of ALLAH from evil. Further, they told him “you can touch our gods and can take good omen from our gods, if you practice this we will worship your GOD. It is a response to the question, why was surah kafirun revealed.

This chapter was a response to those idolaters. They responded with their foolish demand.

At the time when Surah was revealed then, the Messenger of Allah went to the Holy Mosque. A number of the chiefs of the Quryash were gathered there. He stood on a place above them and recited this Surah, wholly, to them. When they heard the message of the Surah they became hopeless in their aim and began hurting him and his followers.

Disapproving their idea to worship idols was the reason that, why was surah kafirun revealed.

Surah Al-kafiroon dismisses the idea of non-believers.

Summary of surah kafirun

There are 6 verses in surah kafirun. In which ALLAH declares. For you is your religion and for me is my religion. It demonstrates that Islam is not forced upon anyone; everyone is free to choose what they want to follow. For you is the one you worship, for me is my Lord. Islam was not preached on the power of the sword. Muslims ought to bear in mind that they are not accountable for others. People are themselves answerable for their selections & will have to deal with the penalties all alone. Muslims will not carry the burden of disbelievers.

The prophet Muhammad ﷺ stood firm in his faith. He did not compromise. No one should be allowed to ruin your relationship with ALLAH. A true follower will never abandon the commands of ALLAH. The foremost point that why was surah kafirun revealed is it teaches us never to compromise on our stance. The other lesson surah contains: ‘’respecting all religion’’. The idea of worshipping each other’s God is disrespectful. For you is your god, for me is my God. No one is suggested forcefully to come into the sphere of Islam.

Fulfilment of commitments: the undignified proposal on compromising of worshipping of gods, showed the non-serious attitude of Quraysh about their gods. But the first & foremost demand of Islam is the commitment that only ALLAH ALMIGHTY is worthy to be praised, all alone, there is no God except HIM. True believers should never sacrifice the true teachings for sake of a few worldly profits. Hajj is also obligatory worship which can be performed by booking Hajj Packages from a trusted hajj umrah travel agency.

The surah also shows the commitment of Muhammad ﷺ towards ALLAH, he was devoted and zealous towards the true teachings by True GOD. “For me is my God” shows the significance of his constancy and loyalty for ALLAH. If ever the question occurs in your mind why was surah kafirun was revealed you must know it was revealed to show the commitment of Muhammad ﷺ to ALLAH and how he fulfilled his commitment.